Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy birthday Guido!
Yeah you know this person? i dreamed about to get him for many years. He's not a special person but he can make my heart freeze. And the best you will get after look at him at the first time is he's cool. He dont talk too much and smile if you ask him. He's a kind person, i know it, but sometimes he's too cold too express his feeling. 

By the way today is his birthay! I remember when i was seven grade i were gave him a bunch of candies on plastic LOL. But this year i dont give him anything. Yeah, its really clear. I dont meet and communicate with him again for 6 months.
Ang just write in here and hope he will read it. But its impossible man! He never knew i made a new blog and post a greeting about his birthday now.
So just wanna say Happy Birthday Guido! 

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