Friday, 26 April 2013


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Well so nice i can write at this blog again. I'll try to not write about dumbest thing again. Well but it's a bit dumb, i want to talk about bubbles:3 yeaa how much i love bubbles! i can relieve my stress, especially when i have a national examination. It's only a thing made of made of soapy water that has been formed into a thin film. The film traps air in the center, causing the bubble to retain its spherical shape until it pops. The addition of soap to the water is important. The reason why bubbles only really hold their shape when made with soapy water is that the soap stabilizes the surface of the bubble. The soap decreases the bubble's surface tension, which allows it to stretch and hold its shape.

Well, how to make a lovely bubbles?
Mix water, liquid dish soap and glycerin in a bucket or dishpan.

2   Stir with a wire whisk until blended.

    • 3
      Let mixture sit for 24 hours.
    • 4
      Pour bubble mixture into small bottles or large pans, depending on size of bubbles desired.
    • 5
      Store unused bubble mixture in a jar with a lid

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